Monday, December 15, 2008

Ski Season!

First run! on TwitPicWe didn't arrive until Saturday afternoon, which was a great excuse not to be productive or cook but just to chill out and ski. In our absence we had a freezing water pipe accident, but by the time we arrived on Saturday, Bill, our trusty neighbor, had not only fixed the pipes, but rerouted and insulated some problem areas. Each year we are making little improvements.

After a Saturday evening of pizza dinner and scrabble, Sunday we had our first outing and the skiing was fantastic. You can tell it is the beginning of the season because we were out of the house by 8:15am. Clarke talked me into trying the "Silver Glades", some moguls, AND a jump (which landed me on my a**) The crowds have not arrived, yet. The weather was mild. We all had shaking legs at the end of the day and the boys snoozed on the way home while I belted out Christmas music to keep myself awake. Worth all the effort!

We will be back up at some point during the holidays.

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City Mouse said...

Oh, you lucky ducks. I'm there in spirit - getting to the nuts and bolts of planning our house build. This crap is expensive! Also meant to mention - you done been tagged. Actually, you and the boys. It's on my blog. Happy ski season, and tell Whiteface hello for me. (I do love the little slope in town though.) =)