Monday, November 10, 2008


It is more than calm that takes over at the barn. I literally feel like i enter a different state. Oscar and I woke up early and walked the "estate". We made pancakes, ran errands (Clarke got an awesome ski jacket at the Saranac Lake ski club used ski sale), went bowling ($3 per game!), and arrived back early afternoon to make a fire, warm some cider, switch on NPR and do some reading. The boys did their homework. I made roast turkey, mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner and then we played Risk. I raged through 4 loads of laundry, and started my Christmas list. All in all, it seemed like a pretty busy day but again, I was sort of happily, slowly going from activity to activity in a lovely, calm fog. Do you think there is some sort of carbon monoxide leak? Or is it brain space?

The weather was "eh." Too warm and rainy. We are ready ready ready for the snow! The boys may be up there for Thanksgiving and we will all be back the weekend after, hopefully putting up a Christmas tree and SKIING.

We are back in Brooklyn and Oscar has asked that we also get a Brooklyn tree and decorate it in Brooklyn style. I am considering hanging replica slices and Uncle Louie's containers. Any other ideas?

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City Mouse said...

You could probably easily score some born and bred Brooklyn pine cones from Prospect Park ... but you didn't hear it from me! LOL