Sunday, October 19, 2008


Thanks to all for your nudges, and hellos, and emails. Well, it is very tempting to get into great detail about the reasons why I haven't been blogging, because it might make the 46er Stickler (OCD?) commenter feel terrible about being so petty when life is about so much more...but I won't. Suffice to say, life has gotten a lot more complicated lately and everytime I go to post, I feel odd leaving out details, and I have no desire to make my nice family blog into something else.

Also we haven't been getting to the barn very often which makes me incredibly sad. I can't believe I haven't been to Tuckers Taters for the corn maze; I can't believe Oscar chose not to have his party there this year; i can't believe I missed the fall color.

HOWEVER, I now have a bit of mind space to figure out how to schedule in our regular trips again, and am determined to take a trip in November and then of course, SKI SEASON!

I am not going to post until we get back up there but I think I will be ready soon. Thanks again, everyone.


City Mouse said...

Best wishes, always - and we've all been thinking of you. The Tuckers are actually our neighbors - We did the maze on one of the flashlight nights, and I wondered if you had been around. Take care, and think of ski season!!

Juli said...

Welcome Back! Family is a constantly evolving, deepening, and maddening concept. It must be nice to know there are so many of us out here who are part of the your real family of friends. Looking forward to more of your adventures- whomever they might include, as long as they include you Bridget, the heart and soul of the 46er Family.

Tim said...

I'm glad you finally posted! Our family usually goes up to Lake Placid in the summer but this year we weren't able to make it. I love to read your posts so I can live the experience of the Adirondacks-if only online!